Uri on the LOC


The last rays of the sun falling on the lovely little border town of Uri.

The main town itself can be seen scattered on the Mountain. To the right of the town is the Road to the Kaman Post and the Aman Setu over the Jehlum which marks the LOC.


Baramulla Town across the Jehlum on the Road to Uri

Since time immemorial it was this Route which connected Kashmir down to the Plains of Punjab as it follows the Jehlum River downstream. The fact that many ancient Temples lie on this Route are a testimony to that fact.


The Datta Temple near Boniyar on the way to Uri

Uri nevertheless is a scenic little town with great views of the Jehlum and snow covered Peaks of the Pir Panjals and the drive to this place from Srinagar is rather scenic though with a lot of military presence.

Uri is also the place from where you notice a lingual transition as more and more people from here onward speak Pahari instead of Kashmiri.



The Road to Uri

Finally a long cherished dream came true yesterday. It was a nice sunny day and I decided to visit the ruins at Parihaspora and Pattan. At Pattan I saw the milestone to Uri and it was some 70 odd kms. At 2 pm decided to have a go at it.

Went onto to beyond Baramulla on one of the most heavily militarized Road in the world I guess. Saw the ancient Temples of Boniyar and this was the same place Dad told me that we had Jangalat thekas. Finally around 4 pm reached the beautiful town of Uri right on the border.


The Mountains around Uri

Beyond the bazaar in Uri entry is restricted towards Salamabad and onwards to Kaman Post. Went to the Army guys at the check point and told them how our ancestral Village was just 18 kms across the LOC. And the they let me through and kept my driving license to ensure that I return :).

I got to Salamabad, where the cross border trade takes place and even saw one of those highly decorated Pakistani trucks which was in the Police Station as this particular truck was being used for smuggling.


On the left is the snowy Mountain on which is located the Rustam Point another point on the LOC.

My friend Nawab who was with me had a friend in Salamabad and we called him. He came and we decided to try our luck at the next Army check post beyond Salamabad as they let local residents roam around a little. And as luck would have it we got through till we reached the final Army post before the Kaman Post where we knew we couldn't get through without permission. We didn't even try. We were just a km or so from Kaman Post. Next time I'll try and get a permission before hand.


Around Uri

This was the closest I'll probably get to our Village Khanda across the LOC. Less than 20 kms away. It sure felt good to be in the lands of the ancestors. And it sure was beautiful.


The Road beyond Salamabad which goes to the Friendship Bridge