The Suru Valley


A traditional Village house in the Suru Valley near Panikhar. And of course you can also see the ugly new construction on the left side. These traditional Houses were made of stone and mud and helped keep warm in the frigid weather.

A Village along the Suru River

A Village along the Suru River

And towering in the background is the Himalayan giant Nun, 7000m+ on the main Great Himalayan Range. A Triangular behemoth which Towers over this part of the Suru Valley. And April is a great time to be there as lots of snow in the Mountains.


The main town of the Suru Valley is Sankoo seen here as it sits under the shadow of the mighty Himalayas.

Suru Valley and Zanskar as well offer dramatic scenery as they are bound by the Great Himalayan Range itself on one side and the Zanskar Range where as all the other Valleys of Ladakh are either between the Zanskar Range and the Ladakh Range or between the Ladakh Range and the Karakoram Range.

Since the Great Himalayan Range is the main watershed it also gets the maximum Snowfall in this Region and especially the Peaks on the Suru side. Most areas in Ladakh get scanty snowfall but Drass and Suru, especially the Peaks get a great amount of snowfall. And bring a good 750 m below the Leh region in altitude its much greener as well. A true gem infact of the Great Himalayan Range.