Enchanting Mechuka Valley

If it’s your first time to Mechuka then falling asleep throughout the journey is a no-no. You must take power naps and keep yourself refreshed. You will be amazed to see the gradual shift from Indian culture to the ingrained Tibetan effect on this land. The beauty of this valley will seem delusive. We offer friendly hosts to welcome you in the homestays. A chance to learn some conventional Mechuka food preparation from the hosts.

The fluorescent green shade of Mechuka from May to August will invariably remind you of DC comics ‘Green Lantern’.As autumn approaches in September, the valley becomes brown and adorns this colour till ‘Santa’ comes in December. You can have some friendly snow fights in January or February depending on mother nature’s will.

Anytime you visit Mechuka, its stunning beauty will only leave you wanting for more.

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Day 1 : It is an overnight journey where the train departs from Kamakhya station at 8:30 pm and reaches Murkongselek at 8 am. Your first step towards Mechuka begins when you land in Guwahati and board the train.

Day 2  :  We hop into our Innova and head for Pasighat, a small town in Arunachal Pradesh. By the time we reach the Galo (tribe) town of Aalo or Along we would traveled 5 hours, till we come to the homestay. You will forget the tiring journey once you set your eyes on the beautiful orange and mousambi orchards.

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Day 3 : As you brace yourself for an 8 hour long trip from Along  to Mechuka and reach there; the scenic beauty of the valley in the West Siang district will capture your heart.  Mechuka is home primarily to the Memba tribe. Here, you will rest in a Memba homestay and later you can gradually walk around the snow capped mountain and let this natural beauty soak into you.

Day 4 :  Now is the time to know this wonderland a little better. Once you have a good breakfast you should visit the Yarlung Camp at a height of 7934 feet and meet the army there.


As it will be hard to find your phone network, you will notice that some rocks and sticks have been marked which act as network areas. Listen to the folklore narrated by the local team as they take you to the Gurdwara and pay your homage. Once you have explored enough you can go back to the homestay and retire for the day. The car will be at of disposal today.


Day 5 : A 400 year old Buddhist monastery awaits your arrival on the top of a hill. The ancient artifacts have not lost their charm even though they been passed down through generations. The lucky ones can see the ‘Advanced Landing Ground’(Name of the airship in Mechuka) of the Indian Air Force from the Gompa. When you get back to the homestay spare some time to bond with your lovely hosts and learn how to make some traditional food.

*The weather would determine the course of camping.


Day 6 :  Let the ‘Secret Seven’ or the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in you awaken, as you hike up the mountain to find a shepherd’s hidden house. There you can park vehicle as you explore the concealed land. A side of this land will remind of the the extraordinary Dzukou valley in Nagaland. More secrets will unfold once you are there.

Day 7 :  Drive back to Along and stay at the same homestay where you made yourselves comfortable earlier.

Day 8 :  Take your hosts’ leave and head back to Guwahati. Halt at Pasighat to appreciate the Bodak Ghat and Ranaghat before you enroute to Murkongselek to catch your train to Guwahati. Train departs from Murkongselek at 7 pm and reaches Guwahati at 7 am.


Day 9 : If visiting one of the famous Shakti peethas is your agenda then, you can book your return ticket for the evening and see Kamakhya temple. Board your flight/ train back home, until we see you again.

The Stay Summary

1st Night and 8th Night - AC 3 Tier Train / 2nd Night and 7th Night - Reyi Homestay Along / 3rd, 4th, 5th Night - Gebu Sona Homestay Mechuka / 6th Nights - Camping in Mechuka


Inclusions :

Stay in comfortable, clean and hygienic homestays / All entries, parking, tolls / Transport in shared vehicles till Mechuka and back / Internal transport in Mechuka / Train tickets to and from Guwahati / Local guide wherever required / One night of camping in Mechuka / 1 Expert Tour leader / Inner line permits to enter Arunachal Pradesh / Breakfast

Exclusions : 

Excess stay & meals due to bad weather conditions or strikes, resulting in delay of flights or any other form of transport / Soft drink charges, table drinks, bottled water, laundry, cigarettes, telephone expenses, beer and liquor charges / Lunch and Dinner / Any other item not mentioned in “Cost Includes” section above / Shopping / Alcohol / Your Personal Purchases / Any insurances