The Khanqah e Moula, one of the oldest Mosques in the Valley which caught fire day before yesterday. The complete Wooden structure, a masterpiece, suffered damage on the top. The fire was reportedly caused by a short circuit and quickly taken care of due to prompt action by a fireman. The Chief Minister visited the site yesterday to assess the damage as well.

Just shows us that there lies a thin line between losing these delicate beautiful structure forever. It's a priceless heritage structure and it looks quite unique.

Interestingly in this pic taken from the other side of the Jehlum, you can see a vermilion mark. It was here just beneath the Khanqah that the Hindus used to worship and apply vermilion to the deity in stone.

From Wiki :

Khanqah-e-Moula, popularly known as just Khanqah, is a mosque and a shrine of Said-ul-Auliya Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani located in the city of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. It is located in the Old City on the right bank of the river Jhelum between the Fateh Kadal and Zaina Kadal bridges. First built in 1395 AD, it is one of the oldest mosques in the Kashmir Valley.

Pic from October 2017. Srinagar, Kashmir