The jagged spires of what Palin described as the most easterly outpost of the Himalayas, the 18000 ft plus Jade Dragon Mountain near Lijiang in North Western Yunnan.

This mountain which is also called the Yulong Shan is home to the Yulong Glacier, such is the most southernly Glacier in the Nothern Hemisphere. BTW the word "Shan" means Mountain in Chinese, hence the names Kun Lun Shan, Altai Shan, Tian Shan etc.

The city of Lijiang, the old part of which is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, less close to this mountain and it was a major stop on the Tea Horse trade route. Tea used to come from China and traded for horses from Tibet. Lijiang was the main town from where Tibet of old started.

The town itself stands on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau and the main continental fault line lies underneath. As a result there have been more than 50 major earthquakes in the last 150 years which have hit the town.

Pic from January 2017. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang Nuxi Autonomous County, North Western Yunnan, China