The Heritage Apple Farm Stay

We are situated at 6500 feet above sea level in the heart of the serene hills of Kothkai in Shimla District, famous for its Apples. The Apple farm stay is flanked by mountains that kiss the clouds with streams gushing down its slopes and lust green orchards all around. A 60 km drive up the hills from Shimla, The Apple Farm Stay is a tribute to the stately home furnishings of a bygone era from the heart of Himachal.


The structure of The Apple Farm Stay was built in 1920 by the present owner’s Great Grand Father late shri Thakur Bala Nand (who was at that time the Wazir of Ranvirgarh state in HP). Similarly restorations were done in 1955 by his son Capt. Pratap Singh Jhina and lately it was initiated by his son Digvijay Singh Jhina in 2016 .


The incumbent resident Mr Digvijay Jhina is very particular about keeping the age old traditions and culture and is following his kins and has maintained his house in the original manner.. Mr Jhina also feels that farm stay helps you come across land, culture, people and cuisine of any place in its pristine elements unlike mainstream hotel accommodations.


Breaking away from mainstream tourism trends, The Apple Farm Stay is committed to offering our guests an inmate and once in a lifetime encounter with Pahari villages and the lush green Apple orchards. So be the host for a change and experience village life in Himachal, like it should be. Not as a guest, but as natives.


Engage yourself with a host of activities at the farm and get a taste of what it takes to be a true 'KHAADU'. From local sightings,bonfire,snow drive expedition (in winters),feeding animals,milking cow,camping,planting /harvesting trees,strolling in orchards,visiting of temples around Much more .


The Apple Farm Stay would love hosting its guests as it can be a really awarding experience and it's a unique opportunity to share our home and culture with others. Being a homestay host it allows us to meet people from all around the world and leave us with great memories . We have our own history and stories to tell since 1920 .


The Property consists of a set of Two well furnished Rooms with a Washroom. There is a very tastefully done Living / dining Drawing area which is all done in Wood and gives the place distinct Pahadi feel. There is another Camper’s Toilet outside which can be used as well.

All Meals Veg / Non Veg are available.

The Property is situated on the main Shimla Rohru Road in Kotkhai, 60 kms from Shimla and its a great drive of 1 hour 30 minutes.