Dwellings of the Himalayas 



A brightly colored House with a typical slanting tin roof and in contrast a typical old style flat roof wood and mud structure called a Dhok in the wilderness of the Pir Panjals at Gool.

Pic from February 2018. Gool Gulbgarh, Ramban District, Jammu Division.



One of its kind straw and wood shelters used by the Bakarwal in Marchoi on the way to the pristine Salnai Valley in the mountains of Kashmir. The more commonly used alternatives are the flat roofed Dhoks, which are more permanent structures. This is the only place I have come across these conical structures. Why they build these like this I don't really know but will surely ask them next time. The time I visited the Bakarwals had already left for the lowlands across the Pir Panjals.

Pic from from October 2017. Marchoi, Kashmir.


The stylish Pahadi styles houses in the Village of Khaneti Deori.

Of course the Houses look prosperous and the reason for that can be seen in the backdrop. Apples. Lots of Apples. This area teems with Apple Orchards and these days when the prices of Apples have really shot up almost everyone here does well. If you look carefully you would see that each House has its own individuality.

Still such a pretty sight.

Pic from August 2017. Khaneti Deori, Kotkhai Tehsil, Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh.


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This is the Orchard House of the Royal family of Jammu and Kashmir made in a typical Kashmiri Dogra style combined with Colonial Architecture of around a 100 years back. A beautiful building in the middle of an Almond Orchard.

Pic from February 2018. Srinagar, Kashmir