The Chenab / Chandrabhaga Valleys Tour : Paddar, Pangi and Lahaul

Our new Tour for next year which takes you along the Chandrabhaga / Chenab Valleys of Paddar, Pangi and Lahaul as we continue on our quest to take you deep into the Himalayas, off the beaten track where few people venture. These beautiful pristine Valleys lie between the Pir Panjals and the Great Himalayas and have been referred to as the Inner Himalayas as they have been mostly cut off from the outside World and only in the last few decades the building of Roads has made them accessible.

Paddar Valley today is a part of the Kishtwar District of the Jammu Division of Jammu and Kashmir. The Pangi Valley is a part of the Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh while Lahaul is a part of the Lahaul Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh.

Historically they were all part of the Chamba Kingdom at some point of time and of the Kashmir Kingdom also probably earlier which is demonstrated by Kashmir style designs of some of the Temples including the Trilokinath Temple. Lahaul also used to be divided between the Chamba Kingdom and the British Empire till the time of Independence.

There are also Cultural similarities especially amongst the Buddhists communities which dwell on the higher reaches of Paddar and Pangi as well as the Buddhists in Lahaul. The Hindu communities also share a commonality especially between Paddar and Pangi. The syncretic form of Hindusim and Buddhism practices in Lahaul is indeed unique and is exemplified by the Trilokinath Temple which is held sacred by Hindus as well as the Buddhists.

And as mentioned these are the Inner Himalayas and as such as pristine and primeval as they get . The least visited but nothing beats these Valleys if you want sheer verticality. If you havent seen these places you havent really been to the wilds of the Western Himalayas. Hopefully with the completion of the Machail Road more areas would open.


The Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival at Jammu : Stay at Jammu / Patnitop (110 kms) (Depends on the time of Arrival of the Group) : We arrive at Jammu and proceed to Patnitop as we would like to be in the Mountains ASAP. Located in the Pir Panjals, Patnitop is a lovely little Hill Station situated on the old Srinagar Jammu Highway. An introductory talk by us in the evening.


Day 2 : Jammu / Patnitop to Bhaderwah (90 kms) : From Patnitop we proceed to the very scenic Bhaderwah via the Doda Road and we are now driving along the Chenab River, a River we will keep following all the way to the foot of the Rohtang Pass in Lahaul. Bhaderwah is an absolute beauty lying in the Pir Panjals. Stay at Bhaderwah.

Day 3 : Bhaderwah : We visit the Bhaderwah Fort and Temples. We visit the Padri Pass which connects Bhaderwah with Chamba and visit the Waterfalls right at the Border. We round off the day by a visit to the Jai Valley which is beautiful Meadow with Mountain Rivers and Waterfalls. Stay at Bhaderwah.


Day 4 : Bhaderwah to Gulabgarh, Paddar (150 kms) : We move from Bhaderwah and again start driving along the Chenab and go to Gulabgarh, which is the main Village in the Paddar Valley, via Kishtwar. On the way we will spot numerous Bakerwal shepherds moving with their Stock headed towards the higher pastures around Kishtwar and Kashmir. Stay at Gulabgarh.


Day 5 : Gulabgarh / Paddar : We spend the day around Gulabgarh and drive along the Bhoot Nallah on the Road towards Machail. The same Route is used by Trekkers and Traders to get to Zanskar. The higher Villages of Paddar have Buddhist populations and the people are thought to have come from Zanskar. The legendary Kashmir Sapphire mines were also located near Machail. Stay at Gulabgarh.

For the first time on Video. The new Road being constructed to connect Gulabgrah in Padar with Machail Village where the famous Machail Mata Temple is and the annual Machail Mata pilgrimage takes place.

Day 6 : Gulabgarh /Paddar to Killar (55 kms) : We head towards the Pangi Valley and today we hit the Cliffhanger Road / alternative Road being built (depending on the conditions). This is one of the most exciting part of the Journey. The drive through the Gorge of the Chenab. We cross the border between J&K and Himachal Pradesh and get to Killar. Stay at Killar.


Day 7 : Killar : We visit some beautiful parts of the Pangi Valley. We visit the Buddhist Villages of Hudan Bhatori and Sural Bhatori. Stay at Killar.


Day 8 : Killar to Jispa (155 kms) : We need to make a very early morning start from Killar so that we get to Udaipur before lunch time as the Nallahs rise later on and there is the risk of getting stuck. This again is a beautiful drive through some wild country. We cross-over to Lahaul Valley and visit the Trilokinath Temple Night stay in Jispa.

Day 9 : Jispa : We will use Jispa as a base and head down the newly opened Road which connects Lahaul with Zanskar. We will go all the way to Zanskar Sumdo and a little ahead. On return we will head to the Baralacha La and then return to Jispa. Night stay at Jispa


Day 10: Jispa to Manali (138 kms) : We set off from Jispa and head back to Manali. We will go over the Rohtang Pass and we will need to do an early start from Jispa. The Trip ends at Manali.

Package costs (per person):

Rs. 60,000 / person plus 5% GST / Book your slot for Rs.20,000 / You will get a full Refund if you cancel 30 days before the Tour.


Innova Taxi with 4 pax / Accommodation: A mix of Government Guest Houses / Camps / 3 Star Hotels / All Meals plus Morning and Evening Refreshments (Non-Alcoholic) / Complete convoy management / All permits and permissions


Personal expenses / Alcoholic drinks & Cigarettes etc / Travel & Medical Insurance / Tips / Airfare / Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like Ill health, vehicle breakdown, natural calamity

We will limit the number of participants to 20.