Basgo Village Homestay

Presenting our Village Homestay in Basgo. The village of Basgo lies 37 kms from Leh on the Leh Srinagar highway. The village was the ancient capital of Ladakh. Basgo Palace was the Kings den; now in ruins the palace and the monastery have a lot of historical importance. It was here that Mughlas and the Mongols met in the Battle of Basgo.

Fairly big Basgo is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and one can get to see snow covered peaks. Blessed by nature there is no lack of water or vegetation. At an altitude of 10801 ft, Basgo overlooks the mighty Indus River. One can also make most of the experience by enjoying the fruits directly from the trees during the Apple and Apricot season. The ultimate Himalayan life is only left in the higher reaches and what most of us are running after is what we can see easily. Very few travelers of today are ready to explore beyond the comfort zone. Travellers coming to experience an authentic village stay will enjoy the hospitalities and lifestyle of Basgo.

The Homestay offers an authentic experience of living with a family in an untouched Region of Ladakh.