Trekking Tips

In this day and age when more and more people are going Exploring the Outdoors it becomes imperative to know some of the Basic Guidelines to be followed while you are out and about in the Outdoors. These little Tips and Guidelines are meant to sensitize you about Nature and make you more aware of your personal Responsibilities while on a Trek.

Most of these are just Common sense more than anything else but yet we just want to remind people of the Eco / Mountain / Nature friendly activities and stuff they can do so as to maintain the pristine Mountain environments. For the ease of Understanding we have split it into 5 different sections. These Tips and Guidelines have been formulated by Trekkers down the ages and we have taken inspiration from the Ultimate Guide for the Outdoors, Freedom of the Hills, which covers everything from Hiking to Trekking to Mountaineering. We suggest you grab a copy of the same to get the real low down of everything you need to do in the Mountains.

Trek Tip # 01 : How to Pack a Rucksack

Trek Tip # 02 : To Carry List

Trek Tip # 03 : Mountain Manners

Trek Tip # 04 : Acute Mountain Sickness

Trek Tip # 05 : Responsibility Towards Nature