A fine specimen of what we call the Pashmina Goat that I happened to meet on one of the steep cliffs of the Tiger Leaping Gorge In North Western Yunnan's Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. This was most probably of the Tibetan variety. 

The finest variety of Cashmere, which we know of as Pashmina, comes from the Changthangi, which as the name suggests lives on the Changthang in Ladakh. The Changthangi sheds it's coat every year In Spring and from this is derived the finest Pashm, used for centuries to make the finest Kashmiri Pashmina shawls. 

After the Changthangi the finest Pashmina as we call it comes from the Alashan, that found in the Alashan terraces region of Inner Mongolia. 

Coming in for the bronze is the one you see here which is a Tibetan Pashmina Goat which exists in the Tibetan regions of China. 

All this information is courtesy my friend Aaditya Kitroo who has the distinction of getting the finest Pashm from the finest Changthangi goats. When I say finest, I mean the finest in the world, a record backed by laboratory test reports. 

Pic from January 2017. The Tiger Leaping Gorge, Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, North Western Yunnan, China