I run Nayalap - Luxury Himalayan Tents, a boutique glamping experience (luxury tents) in rural Kumaon (an hour from Ranikhet). With the stay being comfortable, we indulge guests in a very immersive experience with old Kumaoni houses, ways of living and how changes have happened from the 16th Century to Colonial times to now. You can connect with us on tanuja@nayalap.com or 76186 05672


About the stay

The place currently comprises of 2 luxurious tents. The tents are suites with an indoor sitting room, a bedroom and beautiful bathroom. Various local elements have been brought in to ensure that the tents stay warm in winter. Local wool is used for the blankets and the floor has a layer of pine bark to ensure that the room is warmer.

Food is sourced locally with Himalayan vegitables and salts being used on occasion and as condiments respectively. It is ensured that the food is simple and nutritious.

Using this as the base, guests can explore the region around. They can indulge in some beautiful hikes, enjoy lunch cooked in a village home, drive in the night to try and spot some wildlife, visit one of the few sun temples in the country, or walk around a 400-year-old town.