The River of joy. With a personality of its own and is it beautiful.

The Lidder, the River people encounter in Pahalgam, actually comes down from two different sources and these two tributaries of Lidder, called the East Lidder and the West Lidder. The East Lidder comes down from the Sheshnag Lake while the West Lidder comes down from the Kolahoi Glacier.

We have spent many a family picnics on the bank of this River in what is now called the Apple Valley as the River gets a little calmer over there. This is where most local families used to have their Picnics during the Summers. We used to take Mangoes and put them in the water to cool them while the elders did the same with Beers. It was truly idyllic.

And of course its the Lidder which gives Pahalgam its character. The sound of the Lidder in inescapable during the night anywhere in Pahalgam. That is what used to put us to sleep in the night. The days were of course spent by the banks of the Lidder on the way to Aru.

The Lidder is a goldmine of memories for me.

Pic from April 2017. Pahalgam, Srinagar