The Kumaon hills have a timeless beauty and an eloquent grandeur. 

The Himalayan part of Uttar Pradesh, India was given state hood in 2000 and the stunning state of Uttarakhand was born. Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) falls into two distinct regions that broadly divide the state in half, The Garwhal which includes the famous yoga and pilgrimage centre of Rishikesh in the west and the little known Kumaon region in the east. 

The Kumaon contains some of the most stunning mountain scenery that we know of anywhere, from the perennially snow capped peaks of the Great Himalaya range in the north to the pretty hill stations of Almora and Nainital in the foothills and the stunning wilderness of Corbett National Park where the hills meet the Indo- Gangetic plain in the south.

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