We firmly believe in making the locals a Stakeholders in the preservation of the Environment and the Culture in the areas we work in. One step in the same direction is by encouraging the Village folks to open their Doors for outsiders and make at least one Room available for Visitors. We have started our en devour with the breath-takingly Kargil District, which is remembered for the just a War and little else where as it has much to offer. Often overshadowed by Kashmir and Ladakh, Kargil as a connecting District has a beauty and charm all of its own and as such its unparalleled.  

We are offering our Homestays at the following Villages in the Kargil region which gives you a chance to actually live and experience as a local. We presently are offering Homestays at Hundarman (near Kargil on the LOC), Panikhar, Garkon and Henasku.


Hundarman on the LOC

The Homestay is in the New Hundarman Village and the old Hundarman Village, which was under Pakistani control till 1971 was abandoned sometime in the end of 1999 when hostilities broke out between the two countries again. This is as close you can get to Pakistani occupied territory as you can get anywhere in India and now you can even stay here. 

Its a beautiful Village house where we have set it up. We offer boarding and lodging facilities for 4 people in a single Room. The House has a traditional eco-friendly Ladakhi Village toilet.

The Village offers great walks around and you can even visit the abandoned Village of old Hundarman and visit the Museum that has been set up by the Village community. You can even gaze across the LOC and gaze at a Village on the other side which also incidentally is now abandoned. Many people in New Hundarman have relatives who live on the other side of the LOC.



One of the first Purigi Village on the road to Kargil from Leh as you enter District Kargil. The Village is located close to the ruins of the great ruins of the Fort of Chiktan which was once upon a time one of the most important fortifications on the Indus River as it wound its way through Ladakh.



The Village of the Dard people known as the Brokpas. Distinct from the local Balti/ Purigi population which are admixtures on mainly Tibetan people, the Brokpas are a Dardic race and as such have a distinct appearance. They are said to have originally come from Chilas and settled in the area generations ago. They are predominantly Vajrayana Buddhists with a blend of folk animism and minority follow Shia Islam. They are known for their colorful attire for both Males and Females. 

Garkone homestay-01.jpeg


A beautiful Village in the middle of the Suru Valley which offers fantastic views of the twin Himalayan giants, Nun and Kun. The Village also serves as a starting point for Treks into Kishtwar and Pahalgam, Kashmir.