The imposing Hari Parbat Fort as seen from across the Dal Lake.

The present Fort was built by the Durrani Afghans in 1808 though originally the fortifications around the hill were built during the reign of Akbar who wanted to make a new capital here.

I did some explorations around the Fort two weeks back and found some interesting things around. The original Fortification wall built by the Mughals still exist in parts around the lower parts of the Hill.

The most fascinating fact was that there was a tunnel from the Fort which led one to the shores of the Pokhribal Lake, an extension of the Nigeen Lake, right from the top of the Fort. The Tunnel entrance is still there at the Pokhribal Lake. Also a ventilation hole around 10 ft is still preserved in the Badamwari Garden. The Tunnel is now blocked so the secret passage way cannot be explored further.

The Hill also holds the Shrine of Makhdoom Sahib such encompasses various historical structures of the Mughal Era, as well as the Sharika Devi Temple and the Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara.

Interestingly at the point where the Tunnel met the Lake lived some Sikh families who asked us what exactly we were doing snooping around in these parts. We explained that we were just taking pics. More on them and the Sikh Shamshan Ghat, called the Ahle Singham and one of the biggest Chinars that I've seen growing in the Shamshan in a later post.

Truly fascinating stuff for a mountain and history buff like me.

Pic from April 2017. Srinagar, Kashmir