After the Chadar donate a Chadar or a Blanket or a Razai.

An Appeal to all Chadar Trekkers and Ladakh Lovers from a Donkey :

"I am a donkey. I have worked very hard for my masters. But now I am no longer needed. I've been abandoned on the streets to survive on my own. Here it is difficult to find food. When the hunger is unbearable I eat plastic and anything else I can find. I have grown thin, tired and weak. I don't understand why people kick and beat me heartlessly. Many of my friends are attacked and bitten by street dogs and are severely injured. Our miseries know no bounds when our new borns are eaten away by these dogs. Many of us are run over by speeding vehicles, leaving us to die on the roads. I wonder why our pains and existence mean nothing.


Then one fine day something amazing happened to me. I was brought to this wonderful place that I now call home. When I first came to “Home for helpless donkeys”, I thought to myself that I must have died and reached heaven. To my surprise I was very much alive amongst other happy donkeys. Now I have made many friends, my belly is full of fresh food and I have a shelter from the severe Ladakh winters. I no longer regret to be alive. "

So please visit this lovely place which shelters one of the most hardworking friends of ours, the Donkeys. Pay a visit, maybe adopt a Donkey and become instant Parents, or donate whatever you can. You will feel better doing this and will complete the Chadar experience.


This time after the Chadar donate atleast a Chadar to the Donkey Sanctuary. After having experienced the cold of winter in Ladakh think of our four legged friends.

Donkey Sanctuary


Home for helpless donkeys
Korean Temple Road, 
Village Khakshal,
Leh-Ladakh - 194101

Stany Wangchuk
Mobile : +91 - 9873485835, +91 - 9419177708
Email : stany.wangchuk@gmail.com

Joanne Lefson
Mobile : +27844364443
Email : joannelefson@iafrica.com

Other Contact No.: +91- 99069 - 78977, +91 - 99069 - 97779

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Pics from their website.