The Tomb of the mother of the most benevolent Sultan Zain ul Abidin of Kashmir who ruled in the 15th century in Zainakadal in Srinagar.

The Sultan was the eight Sultan of the Shah Miri Dynasty which traces it's origins in Swat, now in KPK. The Sultan proved to be a very popular Ruler with the people who named him "Bud Shah" or the Great King. The Budshah Chowk in Srinagar still carries that name.

The Sultan was amongst other things known for his religious tolerance and public welfare activities. He him self knew Persian, Tibetan and Sanskrit. He got the Mahabharata and Kalhan's Rajtaragani translated into Persian.

This beautiful structure would look more at home in Central Asia but it stands there in downtown Srinagar. Surely worth a visit.

Pic from April 2017. Zainakadal, Srinagar, Kashmir